TFQC History


TFQC has been at the forefront of tobacco prevention and control since the early 2000s. This bi-state, bi-county coalition is a collaboration of public health departments, health systems, a community-health collaborative, social service providers, substance abuse providers, and school districts. The coalition multiplies the impact of the tobacco prevention efforts in the county by speaking as one voice and assisting with education, policy development, and promotion of cessation.

The coalition has had success in collaboratively providing education locally and at the state level when working to increase state cigarette taxes, remove preemption, and implement the Smoke Free Air Act. The coalition continues to collaborate on extensive outreach opportunities throughout the community. The group has hosted “The River Bandits Book Buddy” games at Modern Woodman Park, reaching large numbers of youth and adults with education. The coalition has collaborated on educational presentations about tobacco and nicotine for professionals and the general public through schools, health organizations, and mental health treatment centers.

Due to the dedication of the organizational backing of the coalition, additional projects for educational materials have been developed and personalized for local outreach efforts. The materials created through the coalition help to educate families about the effects of secondhand smoke, daycare centers about the importance of nicotine-free environments and provide information to help tobacco users considering quitting. For years, the coalition has
collaborated through breakout workgroups to work on additional projects that assist in keeping our community healthy.

Some accomplishments of the TFQC since its inception:

  • Helped businesses, child care centers, multi-unit housing locations, and community parks go tobacco and nicotine free
  • Hosted trainings for health care providers on quitting tobacco use
  • Educated the community about the health impacts of tobacco use
  • Partnered with the Iowa and Illinois Department of Public Health to monitor the status of tobacco in our community
  • Helped with the implementation of increased cigarette taxes in Iowa and Illinois
  • Provided local support for the passage of the Smoke-free Illinois Act and the Iowa Smoke-free Air Act
  • Served as a community resource for agencies and organizations

Annual Reports