Clearing the Air at Maysville, Iowa Parks


Clearing the Air at Maysville, Iowa Parks

The Iowa Smoke Free Air Act, which celebrated its 13th anniversary in 2021, prohibits smoking in places like restaurants, theaters and other workplaces; however, it does not extend to smokeless tobacco or electronic smoking devices (vape). That means products like chewing tobacco or e-cigarettes are legal to use unless a tobacco and nicotine free policy is implemented.

The Iowa Smoke Free Air Act requires enclosed facilities within parks to be smoke free, but this does not apply to outdoor areas like trails, playgrounds or athletic fields. Exposure to secondhand smoke harms everyone and there is no safe level of exposure to secondhand smoke, even outdoors.

“Especially now, Iowans are eager to visit parks to enjoy the fresh air, play, relax and exercise,” said Anna Copp, Community Tobacco Consultant at the Scott County Health Department. “Exposure to secondhand smoke and tobacco product litter reduces the enjoyment of the outdoors.” Communities can reduce toxic tobacco product litter, and the potential of its ingestion by toddlers, pets and wildlife, by making parks and trails nicotine-free.

The City of Maysville, Iowa is the most recent organization to adopt a tobacco and nicotine free policy. TFQC and the Scott County Health Department congratulate Maysville and can assist with implementing a tobacco and nicotine free policy at other area parks. Free resources and signage are available. Call 563-326-8618 x 8866 for more information.